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Fountain Solution

Sheetfed Application



EVO 9700

A versatile one-step alcohol replacement fount. Built to run on different press and printing conditions. 

Alco Zero

A premium one step alcohol replacement fount. Formulated to reduce water surface tension during printing. 


An outstanding fountain solution with a perfectly well-balanced pH and active drying agents. Has the ability to sharpen the image during printing.

RM40 Fount

An economical fountain solution for general printing

Master Fount

A high performance fountain solution, stabilizes pH value, reduces surface tension with excellent plate wetting.

Web Application



Totalrespect Fount

Designed for high speed web presses. This product has an exceptional buffering system

News Fount

Economical web fount for high speed web presses. Provide a fast and clean start to reduce startup cost


  • UV Varnish
  • WB Varnish
  • Blanket & Roller Wash
  • Fountain Solution
  • Plate Cleaners
  • Spray Powders
  • Inks
  • Rubber Blanket
  • Solvents (IPA, Toluene, EA)