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About Us

OMM Graphic (OMM) has been committed to creating long-term value for our customers, our colleagues and the community since 1995. We started off as a small company engaged in manufacturing of printing chemicals in Malaysia. Today, we have grown and achieved a well-recognized name among the printing and graphic art industry locally and internationally.

We now have a state of the art manufacturing plant located in Industrial Park Puncak Alam, Malaysia, and successfully manage 2 research teams located in Malaysia and the UK to create better products for our customers.

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Why Choose Us


To further expand our market coverage globally by augmenting our product line, and standing by our core values.


To produce products of highest quality that is made in Malaysia along with affordable pricing

Core Values

Embrace Environmental Sustainability

We are determined in helping our customers to achieve sustainable printing. As for now, we have alcohol-free fountain solution to reduce the usage of alcohol in printing.

Ensure Highest Quality of our Products

In pursuance of maintaining our top class quality, we are endlessly refining and optimizing our production process

Perpetual Enterprising

We work our best in identifying and creating products that aligns with the latest and future market trends


We believe that “trust” is the cornerstone in forming our loyal customers and keeping a sustainable growth

Values and Process – Driven

In order to satisfy our customers with a wide array of products, and fulfilling orders with the high service level, we conduct our operation with a process-driven approach


Whatever the situation might be, we aim to provide the simplest solution

Our Products

Blanket & Roller Washers

Fountain Solutions


Rubber Blankets

Plate Treatment

Ink Duct Foil

Spray Powder