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OMM Graphic is a well-known, industry-leading printing chemicals brand established in 1995. OMM develops, produces, and distributes offset and flexo printing consumables like blanket washes, fountain solutions, rubber blankets, and specialty coatings with a focus on the packaging, and graphic arts industry. Whether you’re looking for the trendiest chemicals or coatings that are just for you, our endless selection of products ensures you’ll find the right materials for every project.


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24 Countries

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Rubber Blankets and Other Supplies
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Featured Products

Antimicrobial Water-based Coating
Get your packaging protected from harmful microbes.
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Solventless UV Varnish
Increase your production quality with our non-yellowing, safe, glossy, and smooth UV varnishes.
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Alcohol-free Fountain Solution
Total alcohol elimination fountain solution that can help printers to save cost and reduce the carbon footprint.
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