Fountain Solutions

Alcoplus Fountain Solution

A state of the art premium fountain solutions. By combining the most efficient wetting agents with the latest corrosion inhibitors. It is technology packed in a bottle.Suitable for sheet-fed and web presses with any type of dampening system. No VOC.

Hydro Free

Hydrofree is a premium alcohol replacement fountain solution, tried and tested on all types of sheet fed and web presses.This fully buffered product is stable in a11 water conditions, and will eliminate the use of alcohol. The results are astonishing.


High performance alcohol reducing fountain solution. This will reduce the use of alcohol in printing significantly. It help printers to save cost and the environment.

Total Respect Fount (NP)

Our premium Web-Fount. Suitable for high speed web presses. This product has a strong buffering system to allow it to work on all type of dampening system. This product would maximize the proformance of printer.

Master Fount

High performance fountain solution, speciallyformulated for use on all types of sheet-fedstabilizes pH value, reduces surface tension with excellent plate wetting.


Super Fount

A general purpose sheet- fed fountain solution for paper and board with alcohol or conventional damping system. This fount contain strong buffer system.

RM 40 Metal Fount

High performance metal printing fount. Its advance technology provides fast and clean start. Make printing a lot easy.

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