OMM have developed a state of the art Water Based Coating. It protects , give the perfect finishing and expand the valuable functions of the printed piece. Due to intensive research and development, our Water Based Coating are proven excellent by customers.

Our Water Based Varnish come in two series. The OM WB 1240 High Gloss OPV and the OM 1040 Gloss OPV.

The rate of flow (timed in seconds), of the liquid product to pass through a Din4 cup. Checked at a constant 23c temperature.

1-5 star rated. 1 representing very low slip, 5 representing very high slip characteristics. Checked using Davenport Incline plane, coating board face-to-face.

Measure using a MiniGloss meter at 60 degree angle of incidence, printed on Lenetta Board.

1-5star rated. 1 representing low rub resistance, 5 meaning very high rub resistance. Measured using a Patrometer rub tester, based on 200rubs under 500gram weight.

The temperature at which the coating begins to stick (melt), under 3 bar pressure, based on 3 second dwell time.

A comparative measurement to show how quicker the coating film dries post printing. 1 star represents very slow drying as seen with Single sided emulsion, 5 stars represents very fast drying. Duct coatings are comparable to each other, and should not be compared to other emulsions

How well the duct coating runs on the press. 5 stars represents highly stabile.



HYDROMeister is an offset ink made from high grade soybean. It is an excellent product that enable printers to print image with absolute graphic. Moreover, the Ink is produce under friendly environment condition.


HYDROMeister comes in a four color set. Magenta, Yellow, Cyan and Black.

Why HYDROMeister

High Glossiness

Dot Sharpness

Quick Drying

Liquid Ink Balance

Good Rub Resistance

Competitive Pricing

Proven Quality and Reliability

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