Blanket & Roller Washes

  • HMK 2 WASH ( Flashpoint >60˚C )

A printers favourite wash. It is a high flashpoint water miscible wash. Remarkable cleaning power with low voc and low odor.

  • HMK 3 WASH ( Flashpoint >80˚C )

For printers who need high flashpoint and solid cleaning power. It is low in VOC and low odor.

  • Hybridwash

A multipurpose wash for conventional and UV Inks.

  • Autowash

Low odor water miscible wash use in automatic wash units/ Baldwin Approved Automatic Blanket Wash. For sheet-fed Presses. Low odor and medium evaporation.

  • Superwash

Unique water miscible wash. Rejuvenates all rubber surfaces when used on a daily basis. Use as a heavy-duty roller wash.

  • Hydrosolv

Most advance wash till today, knowledgeable printers have use Hydrosolv for years to rejuvenate blankets and remove glaze built-up from rollers. It contains a unique package of high technology cleaning agents, conditioners and deglazing compounds for deep cleaning action while protecting the surface.

  • Film Cleaner 

Film cleaner for cleaning of graphic arts films and mounting foils. Can be used on all films, glass tops and film related equipment.

  • EG 20 

A powerful Dampening Roller Cleaner, EG-20 is a special wash used to clean metering rollers and also use on both rollers and blankets.

  • UV Wash

Strong and effective cleaning solvent for the specific requirement of UV printing. Does not impact Butyl or E.P.D.M. based rubber compounds for rollers and printing blankets.

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