• Superwash

The number one water miscible solvent. Rejuvenates all rubber surface when used on a daily basis. Us as a general wash-up for quicker colour changes.

  • Autowash

Automatic blanket wash for sheet-fed presses. Water miscible, low odour and medium evaporation, suitable for both conventional and UV inks. Contains no chlorinated hydrocarbons or CFCs.

  • Hydrowash

A general purpose non-water miscible blanket and roller wash. It will ensure quick colour changes and glaze-free blankets and rollers. Ideal for Automotic Blanket and Roller Wash systems on large presses.

  • Hydrosolv

Powerful but gentle, knowledgeable printers have use Hydrosolv for years to rejuvenate blankets and remove glaze build-p from rollers. Excellent for the safe removal of UV inks and coatings.

  • Film Cleaner

Film clearner for cleaning of graphic arts films and mounting foils. Can be used on all films, glass tops and films related equipment.

  • UV wash

Strong and effective clearning solvent for the specific requirement of UV printing. Does not impact Buty1 or E.P.D.M. based rubber compounds for rollers and printing blankets.

  • EG 2 Cleaner

A powerful Dampening Roller Cleaner, EG-20 is a special wash used to clean metering rollers, and also use on both rollers and blankets.