Plate Tonic

A general purpose plate clearner suitable for everyday use. Removes ink quickly and cleans all plates economically.

Plate Cleaner

Plate Cleaner is designed to give quality performance on all types of PS plate. Strong and excellent ink removing properties and is good at desensitizing non-image areas on all PS plate.

Dynamic Plate Cleaner

A powerful plate cleaner for regular daily use. Removes ink quickly desensitizes scratches and eliminates oxidization.

CTP Plate Cleaner

A CTP/ universal solution which is suitable for use with conventional termal (both baked and unbaked) and CTP plates. Idea for even the most sensitive of plates.

UV Plate Cleaner

A powerful solution for cleaning UV ink quickly and easily and at the same time desensitizes non-image areas on the plates.

Plate Gum

Formulated form selected gums and ideal for manual use. Where consistent viscosity is required.

Gum Arobic

Compatible with all PS offset plate. It is ideal for plate processors where consistent viscosity is required. Is also excellent for application by hand using a damp sponge.

P.D.8 Plate Developer 1:8

Positive plate developer is a universal product for use on all types of positive. Working aluminum plate. Can be diluted for manual, tray, tank and automatic development